This is an action game related to our up coming title: Ancient Abyss. Players jump from one platform to another to evade or attack enemies. To emphasize the Game Jam theme SHIFT, every now and then we rotate the randomly generated platforms 180 degrees to dramatically change the relative positions of the character and enemies, hopefully presenting a diverging experience.

There are two kinds of foes. The bats are airborne, attacking player from above; the worms are crawling mindlessly, hurting from below. However, as the whole level shifts, the situation changes completely.

Players can use left and right keys to move the character around, and press button A to jump. If the character lands on an enemy, she will enter rolling mode in which she pops up a little. She keeps rolling as long as she lands on another foe. While in air, player can press button X to trigger a smash attack which crashes all enemies and breakable blocks along the way.

Hope you enjoy it :)

J: Jump

U: Attack while in air

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the attachment
  2. Copy the package.nw folder under ~/apps/nwjs-sdk-v0.27.6-linux-arm/
  3. Copy the .sh file to ~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/
  4. Copy the .png icon to ~/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/
  5. Reload the launcher then a new item should appear


Download 4 MB

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